Theta Healing ®

What’s stopping you from living the life you desire?

Scrolling for ways to improve your health; career & finances?

Looking for meaningful relationships in the wrong places?

Feeling stuck; numb; lost; conflicted?


ThetaHealing® is a meditative healing method where you are guided into a Theta brain wave. You will enter a deep state of relaxation and through a gentle and supportive process called ‘digging’, we will unlock memories; hidden fears; emotions and self-limiting beliefs stored deep within the subconscious mind. This process helps to discover the root cause of the issue.


Once the root cause is uncovered, we will shift the limiting/negative pattern by reprogramming your subconscious mind with positive empowering beliefs.


It’s time to let go of beliefs & thoughts that no longer serve you and take control of your life.


I’m excited to be part of your journey and see you achieve & receive everything your heart desires.


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ThetaHealing® can help:


  • Improve your emotional & spiritual wellbeing
  • Resolve emotional wounds & traumas
  • Reduce fears; stress & worries
  • Improve your health, career, finances and relationships
  • Break unhealthy habits
  • Improve confidence & self-esteem


ThetaHealing® is not a replacement for medical advice, however it does work in conjunction with traditional medicine and across all faiths to help improve your life.