Is your teen’s emotional life decided by the pressures of social media; the grades of their exams or their body image? Do they suffer from criticizing themselves regularly?


I’m an expert in supporting teens and helping them navigate through these challenging years. I will encourage them to become the author of their own story & find their inner hero.


I’m fun; encouraging; relatable and powerful in my communication.


If you’re not sure whether coaching is right for your teen, book your free discovery call with me. I’ll answer all of your questions and fill in any gaps about the process.


The aim of Coaching to children and young adults is to encourage:

  • Self-discovery (values, beliefs, motivations)
  • Academic, social and personal success
  • Understanding & management of emotions
  • Confidence and self-esteem
  • Positive mindset
  • Personal goal setting
  • An open and curious approach to new challenges and ideas
  • Creative problem-solving
  • Improved focus and motivation


If you’re a parent and are feeling lost or upset seeing your child struggle with social or academic pressures that you have little control over, one of the best solutions is to find a Life Coach that will mentor and be a positive role model.


Throughout my years as a teen, I struggled mentally & emotionally due to instability; peer pressure and low self-esteem. I am now a highly skilled and accredited Life & Happiness Coach with a passion to help young adults overcome life’s challenges positively. I have a calming presence and optimistic outlook on life that easily relaxes those around me.


What Teen Agendas can Life Coaching help with?

  • Reduce stress during exam time & their academic success
  • Reduce anxiety about the future & finding their way in the world
  • Find the courage to speak about their emotions effectively
  • Friendships – making new friends or breakups
  • Family Life – moving homes or separation of parents
  • Social Media comparison
  • Create healthy habits to improve mind & body
  • Manage stress from school or social circles
  • Change the negative perception of themselves & their environment
  • Motivation for a big goal – keep pushing through any obstacles
  • Becoming more accountable & responsible


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