with Neuroscience.

Are you ready for the challenge to step outside of your comfort zone; develop new perspectives and grow from within?


Do you often hear yourself saying “my gut is telling me something” or “no, this doesn’t feel right”? How often do you take a moment to fully listen before taking action?

Professional Coaching is partnering with clients in an authentic collaboration and co-creation that inspires them to maximize their professional and personal potential. It focuses on setting goals, creating positive outcomes and managing personal change.


I believe Coaching with Neuroscience takes this a step further and guides us to access our thoughts from head; heart & gut. This enables us to make decisions and choices that are more aligned to who we are, personally and professionally.

The coaching process applies tools and techniques to help discover underlying motivations; thoughts; behaviours and generate a ‘whole-system’ awareness. These are then worked on to strengthen or build your vision, provide clarity and direction to help you achieve what you truly desire.

The role of a Life Coach

is the encouragement of self-discovery; guidance
of self-generated solutions and to keep you
accountable for the necessary changes.

I apply my skills in emotional intelligence to be actively observing and monitoring the conversation, ensuring my clients constantly feel supported.