I'm Kirsten – Happiness Coach & Intuitive Healer who empowers you to become the hero of your own story.

I can help you find clarity & courage to live in harmony with your mind and emotions, ensuring happiness is never short lived.


Challenge those fictional characters

and change the thoughts and behaviours that hold you back..

Life can feel heavy on our shoulders and make us often compare or question “why me?”. We cannot control every situation, but we can learn how to handle them more calmly and effectively.

The greatest gift we can give ourselves is developing our emotional resilience. I’m here to walk alongside you and help you make that meaningful change.


I host a number of intimate workshops for parents, teens and offsite days for organisations, covering topics such as:

I offer packages and power hours tailored to suit your needs.

Get the support and guidance you need to feel
more joyful, brave, and confident even during challenging times.


Supporting you on the journey of self-discovery and finding the courage to be in control of your story.


With ThetaHealing, you will be fully empowered to access your subconscious mind and create the life you truly desire.


Want to make a change?

Start believing in the power of you
with my 21-day challenge!


Writing is a powerful and creative therapy for me.

Wander through the topics that have inspired me to write and connect in a meaningful way.